Jun 302011

In case you missed the e-mail announcement, I wanted to remind you that today — meaning Thursday, June 30th — at midnight is the deadline for pledging to open OPeople @ OList.com to general off-topic discussion.

Right now, the list is serving just its core function of disseminating announcements about OList social events. However, as I said in the original announcement, I’d like to open the OPeople list to friendly, off-topic chatter, such as movie and art recommendations, discussions of work and hobbies, requests for information and advice, and more.

At present, $120 has been pledged. $200 is required. If the difference of $80 isn’t pledged in time, that’s fine: the list will simply forever remain an announcement-only list. However, if you’d like to help open it to discussion, you can do so by pledging with this form.

If you’d like to subscribe to OPeople, please review the subscription requirements, then request a subscription.

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