Hooray! The second event of Capitalism Awareness Week is tonight… and you can watch it live via streaming! Here’s the announcement:

Lecture: The Revolutionary Case for Capitalism

Eric Daniels, Research Professor at the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism

Despite capitalism’s enormous success in producing material abundance and political freedom, it faces a crisis–one that may lead to its demise. Capitalism is perishing because its supposed defenders lack a real defense.

In this lecture, Eric Daniels explores the most common arguments in favor of capitalism. He finds that they all break down in the face of the popular argument that capitalism is immoral and destructive—because it is selfish. Dr. Daniels explains that only Ayn Rand’s crucial insight—that capitalism is the only moral social system because it is based on “the virtue of selfishness—can truly defend capitalism. He illustrates the need for a moral, and not just an economic, defense of capitalism.

Wednesday, September 28th
5:30 PM Pacific, 6:30 PM Mountain 7:30 PM Central, 8:30 PM Eastern
University of Wisconsin, Madison and live streamed online worldwide

You can watch the event live from this page.

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