Facebook Subscriptions

 Posted by on 30 September 2011 at 7:00 am  Announcements
Sep 302011

Facebook now permits mere “subscriptions” rather than just “friendship.” That’s a change for the better, and I’ve decided to open my feed to subscriptions.

My new policy will be to only friend people on Facebook that I already know. So if you’re not already a in-person friend or acquaintance of mine, you’d have to be someone that I’ve interacted with enough online — perhaps as a fan of the webcast, as a fellow paleo-eater, as an Objectivist, as a free-market activist, etc. — so that I know who you are.

Since my feed is open to comments from non-friends, I hope that those comments will be a way to get know some awesome strangers, so that we can become Facebook friends. Basically, I hope to make subscriptions the intermediate step between “Who the heck are you?” and “That was a damn funny status update about your dog.”

At some point in the next few weeks, I’m going to be pruning my existing friend list in accordance with my new policy. If you’re reading this post, you’ll probably make the cut, but if not, don’t fret! It’s a friendly unfriending! You’ll be able to subscribe to my feed, and we can interact that way.

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