Jimmy Wales on Making Money

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Jan 062012

Last week, I found this nice clip of Jimmy Wales explaining why he’s not milking Wikipedia for every last cent:

Jared Rhodes then pointed me to this clip from Jimmy’s lecture at Ford Hall Forum, where he quotes me. (I’m pretty sure that he didn’t tell me about it at the time… but perhaps I’m enjoying it afresh for the second time!)

The slide says:

Rational people “don’t need to be told what to think, they need facts upon which to draw their own conclusions.” (Diana Hsieh)

It’s in the discussion of what a “neutral point of view” means, and that starts at about 18:00.

Jimmy Wales – Free Speech, Free Minds and Free Markets from Ford Hall Forum on FORA.tv

Still, I wish that Jimmy made bijillions (a word of his that I still use) from Wikipedia!

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