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Mar 022012
  • Jane Austen Fight Club: The heroines of Jane Austen start a fight club. Awesome ensues.
  • Atheist Proselytizers: I want a free copy of the Principia!
  • Black Dog Syndrome: People looking to adopt a dog have a subtle bias against black dogs, which often means that awesome black dogs languish in shelters. That saddens me… and makes me extra-happy that we adopted our problem doggie Mae! (Happily, Prozac has done Mae a world of good with her fear-aggression.)
  • THIS is the Reality of Late Term Abortion: Katie Granju blogs about a woman, eager to welcome her third child into the world, who was forced to abort at 23 weeks because the pregnancy was killing her, literally. The full story is here.
  • Does doodling make you smarter?: Answer: Yes.
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