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Apr 062012
  • The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men: An easy and reversible vasectomy that lasts ten years? That would be awesome birth control!
  • Worst Album Covers of All Time: The handless organist just killed me. “Truly a miracle of God!”
  • 86-year-old performs parallel bars routine: WOW. Aspire to be this awesome now… and when you’re 86 years old!
  • NBC Deceptively Edits George Zimmerman’s Words On 911 Tape: I strongly agree with Doug Mataconis’ view that the editing by The Today Show (NBC) was dishonest. I also agree with his conclusion:
    What NBC did is egregious, and one would hope that the persons responsible will be disciplined appropriately, but in the end it’s not any different from what the rest of the media is doing in this case. As I’ve said before, … it’s time for everyone to step back, stop rushing to judgment about either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin, and let the criminal justice system handle this case. The alternative is to hand this over to the Al Sharpton’s of the world, who have already tried and convicted Zimmerman and appear ready to carry out sentence on their own if given the chance.

  • How Valid Are T.V. Weather Forecasts?: Freakonomics explains just how much television weather reports suck.
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