Two Bits of Good News

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Mar 262004

Last weekend, I left the 70-degree sunshine of Sedalia for the 30-degree snowflakes of Pittsburgh. There, I presented a short version of my paper on false excuses at the University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon Graduate Philosophy Conference. Despite the weather, I had a great time. The graduate students at the conference were all very friendly, helpful, and sharp. My fellow Boulder graduate student Michelle Maiese gave a very interesting and good paper on philosophy of mind. My commentator, Greg Salmieri, offered excellent and entirely just criticism of the piecemeal and consequentialist approach to honesty found in that paper. (I’ll have more to say on that soon.) So I’m happy to report that the conference was very worthwhile!

Also, we have a new kitty as of yesterday! Elliot is a five month old longhair with big black and white patches. (I’ll post pictures soon.) He’s insanely cute, quite playful, and very cuddly. (In fact, he’s purring very loudly and climbing all over my lap and my laptop as I type!) Unfortunately, he is also defective, as he has a rather serious congenital heart defect that will surely kill him at some point. (His murmur is so pronounced that it can be easily felt when holding him… so long as he’s not purring.) But in the meantime, he’s just the kitty I wanted… and I’m happy to give him a good home.

All things considered, Elliot is adjusting well to the dogs and vice versa. The dogs are a bit too interested in this new little snack and he’s justifiably a bit wary of them. Oliver, our 3 year old cat, is quite another story. He’s been in hiding on top of the bookshelves downstairs, as he’s completely terrified and distraught every time he catches sight of this evil interloper. (It’s quite funny to see since Elliot is half his size.) In contrast, Elliot pays basically no attention to Oliver’s poor manners. I’m sure Oliver will come around in the next few days… at least I hope so!

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