Ten Days of Struggle

 Posted by on 1 May 2004 at 7:22 am  Uncategorized
May 012004

Hooray! This morning I gave the final dose of the ten day, twice per day regimen of antibiotic eyedrops to our cat Oliver. (New kitty Elliot brought home an infection with spread to Oliver’s eyes.) The whole medication process was quite unpleasant, for both Oliver and myself. He was endlessly attempting to escape my clutches, jerking his head just the moment before the drop fell, and meowing in a most pleading fashion. (Predictably, Elliot showed no sympathy whatsoever for Oliver’s plight, but merely had great fun stealing and batting about the cap to the eyedrops.)

Even though Oliver is a hefty cat, I did worry about hurting him, as keeping him still required quite a strong grip. If only I had one of those bunny crates that animal rights activists hate so much…

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