Screwy Comments

 Posted by on 7 June 2004 at 9:37 am  Announcements
Jun 072004

Due to some silly JavaScript glitch, the comments are presently all screwy. But not to worry, as I’m fixing them now.

Update: Comments are now fixed. Oddly enough, the problem was that the comment id tags assigned by Blogger suddenly became too long as numbers for JavaScript. So in popping up the comments window, the id tags were truncated, meaning that the id tags used by my comments scripts didn’t match those used in the blog itself. The mismatch of numbers is why why the titles of and links to the posts weren’t weren’t showing up properly on the “all comments” page. So I converted those id tags to strings in the JavaScript, moved the misnamed comments datafiles to match the actual ids of the posts, and so on. It was a somewhat tricky conversion, so I hope that I haven’t lost any comments in the process. If so, I still have the old files, so I can recover them.

Oh, and if you ever linked to the comments page of a particular post, you might want to check the link, as it might be different now. Sorry about that, but such is the price of progress!

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