Partisan Politics of Hate

 Posted by on 21 May 2012 at 3:00 pm  Election, Politics
May 212012

A thought of Saturday evening:

Many progressives had a free-floating, unprincipled, pathological hatred of George W. Bush. Increasingly, as the 2012 election approaches, I see the same damn thing from conservatives: a free-floating, unprincipled, pathological hatred of Barack Obama. These men could smile at a puppy, and their haters would go ballistic. As a result, the genuine and serious evils of these men are lost in a frothy sea of overpowering vitriol. That’s not good. So I urge you… be discriminating!

  • christopolis

    I have heard a lot of people with the same reaction to Stalin and Hitler and Mao. They should use more tact when discussing these men.

  • DougFromOz

    I remember encountering that attitude regarding Bill and subsequently, Hillary Clinton.

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