The Bourne Legacy

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Jun 182012

I didn’t much like any of the Bourne movies, but I’ll see this one, because I’d pay to watch Jeremy Renner peel apples for two hours.

Renner was phenomenal in the gripping war drama The Hurt Locker. Paul and I enjoyed him in the tragically cancelled television show The Unusuals too.

  • Fabian Bollinger

    I quite liked the Bourne movies, may I ask why you didn’t?

    • Diana Hsieh

      I didn’t find the characters or the plots compelling, and I was annoyed by the sheer number of chase scenes in various vehicles though various cities. I didn’t actively dislike them so much as I found them forgettable. So: MEH for me. But hey, I’m glad that you enjoyed them!

  • John P

    I too would pay money to watch him peel apples.

  • Jen K


  • Jennifer Snow

    Is that Edward Norton in there too?

  • Matt Simpson

    I was very disappointed. Had high expectation for this after seeing the trailer. However it just doesn’t deliver. I did like this review and I thought it was right at points, the action scenes are good. However the plot was a mess! (I still love Jeremy Renner though!)I did my own (hopefully entertaining) review here: it out and see what you think!

    • Matt Simpson

      Not really a review I mean, I do like that you enjoyed The Unusuals!

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