Just a Warning

 Posted by on 6 September 2004 at 6:10 am  Uncategorized
Sep 062004

My internet access is going to be fairly sporadic over the next week, so don’t expect any prompt replies to e-mail or much blogging. In fact, the boatload of e-mail in my inbox is likely to only grow in the next week.

Oh, and another professor is leaving Boulder. This time it’s Alan Carter, my environmental philosophy professor from last semester. (To my surprise, I did enjoy the class.) I’ve now lost track of how many holes we have in the department; I think that it’s something like 10 in a 23-person department or somesuch. And we’ve had more than 5 people leave just in the past year. Oy. Unforunately, given Paul’s work, it’s not feasible for me to go elsewhere. So I need to stick it out at Boulder, go who may.

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