Nathaniel Branden Institute Fashion Show

 Posted by on 1 August 2012 at 8:00 am  Ayn Rand, Culture, History
Aug 012012

Wow, it’s a Nathaniel Branden Institute Fashion Show. I kid you not!

It’s rather amazing to watch now, given what happened between these people later. (Also, I’m rather amazed by the fancy stay-at-home wear.)

  • adavies42

    i was struck on my most recent reread of Atlas how different a world of manners Rand must have come from–even the most nasty encounters (up to the very end) are all conducted between people dressed in suits and wearing hats, who rise when guests enter the room and bow when leaving. one wonders how she would’ve reacted to our present habits, where jeans and t-shirts are the rule, not the exception….

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