Two Good Men

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Jan 132005

Paul pointed me to this excellent and lengthy profile of Daniel Pipes in Harvard Magazine. I haven’t read a ton of Daniel Pipes’ work, although I did very much enjoy and appreciate his Militant Islam Reaches America. I’m still reading his father Richard Pipes’ excellent trilogy on Russia: Russia Under the Old Regime, The Russian Revolution, and Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime. At present, I’m slowly working through the hefty second volume on the Revolution itself. (I can’t afford much time for that reading, unfortunately.)

Given my familiarity with both father and son, I particularly enjoyed this quote from father Richard about the hostility that son Daniel engenders on campus from the article: “Of course we’re worried. The Russians were more rational than the Muslims whom he confronts. They cared to live! But we are proud of him. Both of his courage and common sense. He understands the true nature of the danger the West faces.”

Those are two very good men, I think.

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