Sep 062012

On Wednesday’s episode of Philosophy in Action Radio, I interviewed Clemson University History Professor Dr. Eric Daniels about “Progress in American History.” The podcast of that episode is now available for streaming or downloading.

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Podcast: 5 September 2012

Many people on the political right regard America as steadily decaying since the founding era. Yet in fact, America has improved in many ways – not just in technology, but also in its culture, economy, and laws.

Dr. Eric Daniels is a research assistant professor at Clemson University’s Institute for the Study of Capitalism. He has a Ph.D. in American History from the University of Wisconsin.

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  • Evaluating the past
  • What life was like in early America
  • Cultural changes in America, including for women and marriage
  • Federal versus state and local governments now and then
  • The 14th Amendment
  • Improvements in the law, including marriage law, morality regulations and cultural mores, blasphemy law, and obscenity law
  • The American north versus south
  • Andrew Jackson’s duel
  • The caning of Charles Sumner
  • Today’s Republicans and Democrats
  • The value (or lack thereof) of voting


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