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Feb 222005

Some women really are just whiny little girls:

Could Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have another “woman problem” on his hands? Schwarzenegger made headlines in recent months by deriding political opponents as “girlie men” and ridiculing a group of nurses at a women’s conference. Now, an effort to paint the state’s teachers as little more than a balky special interest group has angered many critics, who have begun to question why constituencies dominated by women have been subjected to such tough talk.

Bizarrely, the article never really tells us what Schwarzenegger said most recently to anger the delicate pink powder puffs. But it does say this:

In December, a small group of nurses gathered at a state women’s conference to protest Schwarzenegger’s decision to side with hospitals and delay changes to the state’s nurse-to-patient ratio. With Shriver in the audience, Schwarzenegger responded to the protesters by saying, “The special interests don’t like me in Sacramento because I am always kicking their butts.”

The nurses union denounced his comment, and the attacks on the governor have only escalated since.

“The arrogance of taking on teachers, nurses and other professions where women are underpaid, overworked and vital to society is beyond the pale,” said Jamie Court, president of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights and a frequent Schwarzenegger critic. “But Arnold is someone who treats women as objects, so it’s natural for him to have a tendency to disregard and devalue professions that are made up of women.”

Now that’s just priceless. But at least someone sensible was interviewed for the article:

“To say that women voters perceive Arnold Schwarzenegger as a bully because he’s taking on a reform agenda belittles women,” said Karen Hanretty, a spokeswoman for the California Republican Party.

Really though, I’m not pro-Ahnold, just anti-feminist. And almost all that is claimed today in the name of women is, in fact, demeaning to women.

Just remember, if someone even dares to describe a scientific theory about sex differences that I find to be wrong, I’ll either faint or vomit. That’s how I’ll show that women are up for vigorous and rigorous science!

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