Sick Diana, Happy Cows

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Oct 052012

I’m still sick, although feeling a bit better than yesterday. I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to broadcast on Sunday, as my throat is still quite painful. Although I’m taking lots of ibuprofin, every swallow is an ordeal, and talking is difficult. A full hour of talking on Sunday morning will likely be more than I can bear. Plus, I’m not sure that my brain is quite ready prepare show notes for four questions. (I’ve been able to do nothing more demanding than watch The Walking Dead and Heroes for the last three days… and the incoherence of the above paragraph before I edited it rather worries me.) Still, I hate to cancel, so I’ll decide for certain later today.

In the meantime, go enjoy these happy cows being let out to pasture:

My horses will do pretty much the same thing, sometimes just after being deprived of their pasture overnight. Even if they don’t have much grass to eat, they love their freedom! My horse Tara used to go wild — bucking, rolling, and galloping — when I’d let her out of the barn after an overnight lock-down. (I only lock the horses in the barn during weather bad enough that they’d be in danger outside, even if well-blanketed.) It was a sight to see — and now that she’s gone to the great pasture in the sky, I wish that I had taken some video of it.

  • Kelly Valenzuela

    I love that video so much! Red Dog would be just as happy to roll in their poop! lol! =D

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