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Jan 062013

Day 53: First snow on Spadina

For anyone wishing to ask a question, make a observation, or share a link with other NoodleFood readers, I hereby open up the comments on this post to any respectable topic. As always, please refrain from posting inappropriate comments such as personal attacks, pornographic material, copyrighted material, and commercial solicitations.

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  • tjw

    Aren’t theists who argue for “intelligent design” undermining their own position? After all, God–at least in the Judeo-Christian tradition–is supposed to be omniscient, not merely “intelligent”. Even if one could prove “intelligent design” (or even “stupid design”, to borrow a phrase from Neil DeGrasse Tyson), wouldn’t it just mean that life as we know it (or whatever aspect of the universe the design pertained to) was the product of a conscious entity or entities that existed in the universe, subject to its laws and limitations? Ayn Rand acknowledged the metaphysical possibility of a nonmystical creator (LOAR, p. 185, 8/4/1945 letter to Isabel Paterson), without indicating that there is actually any evidence for such. Perhaps more fundamental is the stolen concept such theists use by taking something they claim must be accepted on faith and then trying to use reason to prove it. What I’m wondering, then, is it best to counter them by avoiding disputes over concretes and taking the approach: “What if it were design–what does that tell us about the designer?”

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