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For anyone wishing to ask a question, make a observation, or share a link with other NoodleFood readers, I hereby open up the comments on this post to any respectable topic. As always, please refrain from posting inappropriate comments such as personal attacks, pornographic material, copyrighted material, and commercial solicitations.

NoodleFood’s Open Threads feature creative commons photographs from Flickr that I find interesting. I hope that you enjoy them!

  • tjw

    A tantalizingly short reference that is now almost two decades old* indicated that the late Pope John Paul II once read Atlas Shrugged and was briefly interested in Objectivism. History shows that, alas, it did not have a lasting impact on him. However, I’m curious to know more about the nature of his interest. Based on the official biographical timeline at we can be sure that he was already a priest and most likely at least a bishop by the time he read Atlas. We can also surmise that he would not have had exposure or access to the work until he went outside of Communist Poland. Other than that, I know nothing of his interest and can’t find any more references to it. Does anyone have any information on the late Pope’s brief encounter with Objectivist ideas? *Bohlen, Celestine. “What the Pope Sees (and Doesn’t) in America,” New York Times, October 1, 1995, E1.

  • John Pryce

    I offer the following video without further comment; none is necessary.

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