Cheaters Never Prosper

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Apr 082005

With widespread availablility of internet access, many unethical college students are turning to on-line term paper mills in order to avoid having to do their own schoolwork. However, a recent experiment showed that many of the papers are of very dubious quality:

Students who pay internet companies to write essays for them are not only cheating but could be wasting their money, according to a university professor.

An experiment at Loughborough University in which students were encouraged to buy essays from a number of ghostwriting companies found the results were of questionable quality.

One essay costing 205 British Pounds [$380 US] was of such low quality that it barely scraped a pass mark, says Prof Charles Oppenheim, an information science teacher and the university’s plagiarism expert.

“As well as breaking the rules on cheating, students are taking a big risk because they are clearly not getting value for money,” he said.

In particular,

Prof Oppenheim judged the worst work to have been provided by Essays-r-Us, which claims to be “a unique service of ready-made and tailor-made essays and research facilities for both professionals and academics”.

In response, the company claims that the poor quality is intentional:

An Essays-r-Us spokesman said it wrote to order. “We are sometimes asked to write at an overseas student level and the mistakes are done on purpose. We have thousands of essays at different levels and attaining different grades from fail to distinction. The client gets what he/she orders.”

Yeah, um, sure…

As Mike Masnick of Techdirt notes:

However, it still makes you wonder what sort of person would buy a paper online when there’s absolutely no way to judge the quality of it? Oh, right, the sort of person who buys a paper online probably is too clueless to recognize that quality might matter.

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