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Apr 142005

About two weeks ago, I saw a flyer announcing a talk on Cuba’s fabulous health care system. (That’s what all the Cuban refugees must be fleeing… good health care!) Then, earlier this week, I was forwarded this announcement on Boulder’s graduate student list:

Come to Cuba this summer for a unique research experience. Open to scholars from all disciplines, this two week trip will allow you to make contact with your professional counterparts, experience Cuban reality, and pursue your own research interests in the company of fellow scholars.

The RESEARCH NETWORK IN CUBA will be conducted from June 14-28, 2005 in Havana, Cuba. Among the special activities being planned are:

* CUBAN AGRICULTURE – visit to a sugar mill
* other field trips to neighborhoods, institutions and civil society.

You are also invited to participate in the 17th CONFERENCE OF NORTH AMERICAN AND CUBAN PHILOSOPHERS AND SOCIAL SCIENTISTS held at the University of Havana from June 20-24. (Sponsored by the University’s Faculty of Philosophy, History and Sociology, the Institute of Philosophy, and the Cuban Society for Philosophic Research.) In past years as many as 95 North Americans have joined with 140 Cubans for this week of discussions. Proposals for papers to be presented at the Conference are invited. The Cuban organizers will make every effort to pair your paper with one by a Cuban scholar on the same topic. Send a 1 to 2 page abstract by April 1 to cdurand@morgan.edu Earlier proposals are encouraged.

EXTRA: Extend your stay in Cuba to June 30 with a 4 day trip to SANTIAGO DE CUBA focusing on the culture of the region.

LICENSE: The U.S. government severely restricts travel to Cuba. However, scholars going for a full time program of research, can travel legally under a General License.

Graduate students: This trip is also open to graduate students with a research interest in Cuba. If your university has an institutional license, you may be able to travel under it with a letter of authorization from the university. Otherwise, under current U.S. regulations, in order to travel legally to Cuba students will need a specific license from the Treasury Department. We can assist you in obtaining this license if you are receiving academic credit for the trip. Application deadline: March 1, 2005.

COST: Approximately $1400 for a basic 14 day stay in Havana, all group activities included from departure to return through Nassau in The Bahamas. There will be some added cost for additional days. Some scholarship assistance may be available for those with limited means.

* March 1, 2005: graduate student applications for license
* April 1, 2005: abstracts for papers (1-2 pages)
* May 1, 2005: completed papers
* May 1, 2005: completed applications

We expect that all will approach this interchange in the spirit of friendship and out of a desire to promote mutual scholarly interests.

Additional information available at www.cubaconference.org or by contacting Cliff DuRand at cdurand@morgan.edu.

What’s next, travel to North Korea to discuss that country’s ingenious weight loss program? Or how about a trip to China to learn about their legal system? Or maybe travel to Iran to hear about alternatives to oil-based power?!?

Blech. I’m disgusted.

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