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May 042005

I’ve long suspected that I have an animus against the word “because.” My suspicions were confirmed in the process of writing my papers on zoocentric egalitarianism and moral luck this spring: I would only use a “because” in a dire situation — and never at the beginning of a sentence.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I dislike the word so much. It might be due to its harsh sound. It also feels too colloquial to me. Or maybe I have a secret distain for causal connections. Or maybe I’m just too mired in the soft and light skepticism demanded in academic writing.

In any case, it’s not good for a writer to have a dislike of such a perfectly good word. Perhaps I’ll try to overcome it by using it often, even when I’d prefer not to do so. That way, I’ll be able to experience whatever beauty in action it does possess. Or maybe I’ll come hate it even more.

Stay tuned! You don’t want to miss any of the nonstop excitement here at NoodleFood!

(Speaking of which, I’m also torn as to whether words like “nonstop” should be hypenated or not. In many cases, prefixes like “non” and “anti” aren’t really integrated into the word, as are “im” and “de,” but rather just tacked onto them. Also, I hate to leave a propositions dangling at the end of a sentence; they drive me batty. Split infinitive are just fine though.)

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