Posted by on 28 December 2012 at 1:00 pm  Link-O-Rama
Dec 282012

  • Kelly Valenzuela

    Oh wow! I kinda liked her short hair and punky look here… but that pic you found is just ugly. =(

    • JP

      Frankly she doesn’t have the figure to make that look good. Another cup size or two and it will look good.

  • JP

    The Cyrus outfit is fugly, to use a slang term after my time.

    The autocorrects are hilarious. My face hurt from laughing.

    Cat video is funny.

    The sex slave article makes me rage when I think about all those people who want to disarm private citizens, never thinking about what little defense a young lady has against a man my size (I’m 6’3), or even shorter men, due to nothing other than her gender.

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