Serenity Hotcakes

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Jun 092005

Back in May, I felt pretty damn lucky to get two tickets to the first preview of Serenity, as the showing sold out in a few short hours. I missed the window of opportunity for tickets to the second showing, as it sold out even more quickly. Tickets for the third showing went on sale at 9:00 am this morning. My friend Ari Armstrong called the theater at 9:16 am, as he was having problems with his account. The show was already sold out. In less than sixteen minutes.

So now I’m feeling even damn luckier. And I really wonder what the studio executives think of all that fanatic fandom.

Just so you know, the Firefly DVDs are now available for $29.99 on Amazon. That’s a public service announcement for those who might not have seen the show yet, perhaps because space monkeys have tied you up and eaten your brains. (Really, I can’t think of any other reason.)

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