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Jan 042013

  • Kelly Valenzuela

    Some of them look just as good airbrushed as before! Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz, wow, hotties! And hooray for giving Keira Knightly some breasts! lol! Some of these don’t even really need it, while others, like Madonna, well, if she’d act her age, it would help tremendously. =P

  • JP

    I actually share Scalia’s feelings on this matter; I don’t support gay marriage, but not out of any animus against homosexuals as such. And yet when I express exactly that opinion (I’m not religious), I’m treated as though I’m the same as those murderers who killed Matthew Shepard.

  • James

    I’m curious, JP: What justification is there fore denying homosexuals a marriage license outside of religious arguments? As far as I can tell, a secular marriage license is nothing more than a contract between two individuals (and I’m not happy with that limit, despite being a monogomist myself). Why should the government be permitted to restrict people’s freedom to enter into mutually-agreed upon contractual relationships?

    I want to emphasize that I’m genuinely curious. The problem is, I simply cannot see any valid justification for denying anyone the right to enter into contractual relationships with anyone else (assuming they are old enough and sane and so on–we’re talking ordinary people here, not rare exceptions or people who are ineligible anyway). That’s a major issue you need to overcome in communicating with people. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who agree with you are, well, bat-crap crazy and want to lynch homosexuals (or “cure” them, which I’m almost certain is worse). Right or wrong, that’s what you’ve got to separate yourself from.

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