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Jan 182013

  • How Obama Decides Your Fate If He Thinks You’re a Terrorist: I have many complaints about Obama’s foreign policy, but I don’t think that the descriptions that I’ve often heard of him as a “terrorist appeaser” and the like are correct.
  • The Day William Shatner Tweeted at an Astronaut (and the Astronaut Replied): We live in fabulous times.
  • Paul Ryan Cosponsors New Fetal Personhood Bill: I really think that this should be titled: “Paul Ryan Cosponsors Fetal Personhood Bill to Remind America Why He Lost the Election and Why We Should Be Grateful for That.”
  • Wikipedia: Albert Battel: Wow, this brave man openly defied the Nazis’ plans to liquidate the Przemysl ghetto and protected as many Jews as he could. I learned about him from this excellent documentary on Auschwitz that I’m watching, but the Wikipedia page has about as much info.

  • Peikoff Podcast: Hierarchy of Objectivists: Oh Premise Checkers… how does it feel to have Leonard Peikoff chuckle at your ridiculous Objectivist hierarchy? Happily, Dr. Peikoff’s answer is spot-on. That’s no surprise: every time he has been asked a podcast question in which he could support the Premise Checkers’ views, he has clearly declined to do so. I’ve been critical of a few of Dr. Peikoff’s views on occasion, but the man deserves a whole lot of praise too — not just for his particular achievements (which are considerable), but also for slapping down this kind of syncophantish dogmatism too. (For those who don’t know, the Premise Checkers are the ridiculous gaggle of so-called Objectivists who waged a campaign against me on Facebook and via their web site last winter for openly stating my few disagreements with Dr. Peikoff. More details are here. Update: To my great amusement, the relevant Chip Joyce’s essay, “Stages of Knowledge in Objectivism” has been quietly removed from the Checking Premises web site. Happy, the web archive version is still available.)

  • Frank

    The link providing background on the Objectivist hierarchy issue is not working… :(

  • James

    Same here. I’m getting a 404 error.

  • Diana Hsieh

    Sorry folks! I fixed the link.

  • Sajid Anjum

    I tried the link–it seems to be working fine.

  • Matthew Moore

    When I listened to Dr. Peikoff’s podcast Monday morning, I ran a search on Google about the hierarchy of Objectivists since I didn’t know what the questioner was referring to. When Premise Checkers popped up, I was greatly amused and immediately thought of you, Diana.

  • JZ

    Is there a link to where the Objectivist heirarchy is presented? I checked on the Premise check site but couldn’t find anything like that. Also, are there any links to where Diana is criticized for disagreeing with Peikoff? Thanks!

  • Jim May

    But that wasn’t even the most embarassing of those essays. (That “honor” belongs to “Subjectivist Objectivist”.)

  • Don Kenner

    No more heirarchy? That’s a shame. I had almost gotten my merit badge for epistemology (I couldn’t light a fire with my mind). Now I’m stuck in the Novice category. Wonderful.

  • Jenn Casey

    I just now noticed that they took that gem of an essay off of the CP website. While I’m glad it’s gone, and I wish the other essays would go away, too, I’m more than a little appalled at the fact that they removed it without even admitting they’d made a mistake. When they go to all the trouble to make themselves noticed and garner all the publicity possible (at least at first), they should have the grace to admit their mistakes just as publicly. How disappointing that this behavior comes from people who call themselves Objectivists. My children have more integrity than this.

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