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Feb 152013

  • bob

    Gee Diana,

    I wonder if you find it fascinating that the cities in America with the fewest blacks are also the most crime free. Or how about the fact that the cities in America that have the most blacks are the most violent? Gee, that’s interesting too, no? Or how about the fact that you live in the area that is the whitest in the country. Looks like you voted with your feet and chose to live in a very non-diverse region. I wonder why that is, a woman who is so anti-racism and pro-diversity but who nevertheless lives in area safely dominated by whites? Hypocritical no?

    Oh but we musn’t go down that bunny hole. Who knows what we might find. Best to stay in our equalist comfort zone. Things are so nice and toasty in there. Nothing but the latest Paleo recipes and our latest SuperSlow results. Oh yes, that’s so much safer.

    • c_andrew

      troll much?

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