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Feb 252013

An online acquaintance of mine, Mike, recently sent me the following. I like it too much not to share it!

A friend started a circular email with the idea of taking movie names and changing one word to “bacon.” It came at just the right moment and my twisted carnivorous subconscious pumped out a slew of ‘em. For your delectation:

Bacon at Tiffany’s Bacon and Sympathy The Bacon of King George Bacon in the Grass Bacon Bacon The Bacon of Madison County Eating Bacon Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bacon Lethal Bacon

And not quite by the rules, but Thank You for Smoking Bacon

Other suggestions?

I’m thinking…

Bacon in the Woods 30 Days of Bacon How to Train Your Bacon Million Dollar Bacon

  • Brad Eisenhauer

    “The name is Bacon, James Bacon.” From Russia with Bacon Baconfinger Thunderbacon Live and Let Bacon The Man with the Golden Bacon The Bacon Who Loved Me For Your Bacon Only Octobacon The Bacon is Not Enough Quantum of Bacon

  • Sam Cox

    Bacon Shrugged We the Bacon The Bacon of January 16th

  • David Blankenau

    The Bacon Games; Bacon Wars; Six Degrees of Bacon;

    My Cousin Bacon; A Nightmare on Bacon Street;

    Aliens vs. Bacon;

    Of Mice and Bacon;

    It’s a Wonderful Bacon;

    The Wizard of Bacon; Gone With the Bacon;

    The Sound of Bacon;

    Bacon on the Roof;

    My Fair Bacon;

    Bacon On a Hot Tin Roof; The Bacon Redemption; Brokeback Bacon; Batman and Bacon; Bacon Man; Sherlock Bacon;

    Ok, I’ll stop here (for now…?). :)

  • DougFromOz

    Bacon Came From Outer Space

    Bacon : The Extra-Terrestrial

    Battlestar Bacon

    A Song Of Bacon And Fire

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Bacon. The Bacon Of Smaug. There And Bacon Again

    Children Of The Bacon

    Underworld: Bacon

    Priscilla: Queen Of The Bacon

    Supersize Bacon

    Ayn Rand: A Sense Of Bacon

  • Donovan

    Supersize Bacon

    TV Shows:

    I Dream of Bacon

    CSI Bacon

    Gold Bacon

    Deadliest Bacon

    Bering Sea Bacon

    Big Bacon Theory

    The Walking Bacon

    Everybody Loves Bacon

    Monty Bacon

    Bacon Minds

    Two and a Half Bacon

  • Donovan

    I Just noticed Supersize Bacon was already mentioned by DougFromOz :)

  • Brad Eisenhauer

    The Silence of the Bacon 2001: A Bacon Odyssey 2010: The Year We Make Bacon The King’s Bacon Back to the Bacon The Bacon in Winter Underworld: Rise of the Bacon O Brother, Where Art Thy Bacon? (cheating, I know) The Good, the Bad, and the Bacon Tinker Tailor Soldier Bacon Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon My Big Fat Greek Bacon Elizabeth: The Bacon Age Who Framed Roger Bacon?

    …and more to come, I’m sure.

  • David Blankenau

    Arsenic and Old Bacon Mystic Bacon Jurassic Bacon Rosemary’s Bacon Beauty and the Bacon A Streetcar Named Bacon A Fistful of Bacon Who’s Afraid of Virginia Bacon? The Bacon On the River Kwai No Country For Old Bacon

  • David Blankenau

    From Star Trek:

    The Wrath of Bacon The Search For Bacon The Undiscovered Bacon


    Monty Python and the Holy Bacon Citizen Bacon Saving Private Bacon Casabacon

    The Silence of the Bacon

    Raiders of the Lost Bacon Forrest Bacon One Flew Over the Bacon’s Nest The Good, the Bad, and the Bacon Schindler’s Bacon

    All right, enough already! (Sorry, got a little carried away; I’ll let others come up with even better ones.)

  • Donovan

    Les Bacon The Passion of the Bacon (this would make a better movie, I think:)

  • Paul

    Bacon Shrugged

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