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Feb 272013

I’ve been really busy with home repairs these last three weeks. The master bathroom was done the week of the 11th, as well as some roof repair. A bunch of drywall repair was done and most of the house was painted on the week of the 18th. This week, I have beautiful new flooring being installed in my basement office, and the electrical repairs were finished up too. The glass door on the shower should be installed today.

Here’s a picture of the new flooring going into the office. It’s LVT (Laminate Vinyl Tile).

This weekend, the baseboards will be installed in the office. Then, on Monday, the plumber will reconnect the baseboard hot water heat in the basement office — finally! That’s been out since mid-January, when the foundation repair was done, and we can’t reattach it until the drywall and baseboards are done. The plumber will also replace the fixtures in the master bathroom. They were damaged by the water restoration people out of carelessness, which is annoying. Next week, I have another roof repair scheduled too, because I found another leak the day after the drywall repair was done. (*grumble*) Alas, I think we’ll need a new roof soon.

Then, in a month or two — after SnowCon — I’m going to refinish the wood floors upstairs, as well as replace the carpet in the master bedroom with hardwood. Also, we need to buy new living room furniture, since ours is falling apart. (I mean that quite literally!)

So… for your amusement, I offer you the following scene from this morning, when I attempted to lock the cats in the laundry room for the second day in a row:

Naughty Little Lovebug Merlin: You got food? Hells yeah, I’m right here! All for me? Thanks!

Haughty Tuxedo Kitty Elliot: Um, no thanks. But I’d like some petting, after the trauma of spending all day in the laundry room yesterday. … No wait, not the laundry room again! How could you?

CrazyPants Old Man Oliver: No way, leave me alone! You’re trying to kill me, but I’ll evade you because I’m a sneaky kitty! Oh, but you’re going to feed me on the cart as usual? Great, I’m there! … NO NO NO NO I’M GOING TO DIE!

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