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Q&A: Philosophical Underpinnings of Fixed Versus Growth Mindsets · Q&A: John Galt's Motor · Q&A: Acting Rightly · Q&A: Atoning for a Past Crime · Q&A: The Value of Earning Money · Q&A: Friendship with a Devout Theist · Q&A: Waivers to Rights-Violating Laws · Q&A: The Validity of Intuition · Q&A: Overcoming Past Failures · Q&A: Doctrine of Double Effect · Q&A: The Obligation to Report a Crime · Q&A: Cutting Ties with Homophobic Family Members · Podcast: Why Personality Matters in Politics... But Not in the Way You Think · Q&A: The Major Virtues · Q&A: Signs of Repression · Q&A: The Ethics of Care for the Body

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Being Like Hank Rearden · Bad Ideas as a Cause of Mental Illness · Extremism Versus Consistency · Breast Implants · Correcting a Cashier's Mistake · Statutory Rape Laws · The Value of Sportsmanship · Weak Versus Strong Atheism · Overcoming Weakness of Will · Responsibility for Cultural Change · Cultivating Powers of Self-Control · Problems with an Aggressive Dog · Men and Women as Friends · Being Someone's Extramarital Affair · Evasion Versus Rationalization Versus Context-Dropping · The Validity of Introversion and Extroversion · Unequal Incomes in Marriage · Atheists Singing Religious Music · Peanut Bans in Schools · The "Marginal Humans" Argument · Living Together Outside Marriage

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What is the harm of granting unearned forgiveness? · What should a person do to make up for a past unpunished crime? · Is the United States finished as a free country? · Can I help my family deal with their grief over the death of my nephew? · Are waivers to rights-violating laws good or bad? · What are the philosophical underpinnings of growth versus fixed mindsets? · Should I respond to an "Earth Hour" company email? · When is a person obliged to report a crime? · Should blackmail be illegal? · Does intuition have any validity?

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I'm Dr. Diana Hsieh. I'm a philosopher specializing in the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life. I received my Ph.D in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2009. My book, Responsibility & Luck: A Defense of Praise and Blame, is available for purchase in paperback, as well as for Kindle and Nook. The book defends the justice of moral praise and blame of persons using an Aristotelian theory of moral responsibility, thereby refuting Thomas Nagel's "problem of moral luck."

My radio show, Philosophy in Action Radio, broadcasts live over the internet on most Sunday mornings and some Thursday evenings. On Sunday mornings, I answer questions applying rational principles to the challenges of real life in a live hour-long show. Greg Perkins of Objectivist Answers co-hosts the show. On Thursday evenings, I interview an expert guest or discuss a topic of interest.

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