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Body Modification

  • Q&A: Standards of Beauty: 29 Jul 2012, Question 3
  • Question: Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? In your November 13th, 2011 webcast discussion of aesthetic body modification, you rejected the idea that beauty is just a matter of personal taste or cultural norms. What's your view – and why?

    Tags: Beauty, Body Modification

  • Q&A: Aesthetic Body Modifications: 13 Nov 2011, Question 2
  • Question: What kinds of aesthetic body modifications are moral or immoral? What differentiates piercing your ears from circumcision? Is tattooing moral? Does the amount of tattoos matter? What about stretching, piercing kids' ears, scarring, dying hair, plastic surgery, and so on? Where do you draw the line – and why?

    Tags: Beauty, Body Modification

  • Q&A: Tattoos and Piercings: 16 Jan 2011, Question 5
  • Question: Are tattoos or piercings – all of them, or just some kinds – irrational and/or self-destructive? If so, why?

    Tags: Body Modification, Ethics

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