Dear Friends and Fans,

I've decided to remove Philosophy in Action from active circulation. My philosophical views have changed dramatically in recent years, and my life is much better for it. It's time for me to leave this work in the past. My heartfelt thanks to the many folks who've helped and supported me on this strange and difficult path of life.

If you want something from my archive, please shoot me an email to If you were a contributor back in the day, please mention that, as I'm happy to give you free access. Otherwise, I'll ask you to send me $10 or so for my trouble.

Responsibility and Luck: My book Responsibility & Luck: A Defense of Praise and Blame is still available from Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

Explore Atlas Shrugged: For now, the podcasts and discussion questions for Explore Atlas Shrugged are still available for purchase for $20. I feel a bit ambivalent about keeping that available, so don't delay if you want it. The book version is available from Amazon in paperback and kindle formats. If you purchase that, email me to get the podcasts for $10.

If you want to know what I'm doing with my life now, you can find me at

Best wishes,
— Diana Brickell (formerly Diana Hsieh)